BLAH (Biomedical Linked Annotation Hackathon) represents a series of annual hackathon events, specifically designed to foster open collaboration. The goal is to achieve a breakthrough in the sharing and linking of various resources for biomedical literature annotation and mining. By enhancing the interoperability of these resources, the initiative aims to substantially increase both the productivity and the impact within the community.

Within the scope of BLAH, the term "resources" encompasses a wide range of elements including corpora, annotation datasets, databases, language models, software tools, web services, terminologies, ontologies, graphical representations, movies, and more. The aspiration of BLAH is to create connections between all these resources, allowing them to interoperate seamlessly. We believe this integration will foster a more cohesive and effective environment for all stakeholders.

Unfortunately, the pandemic led to a temporary halt in the organization of BLAH events. However, with the world gradually reopening, BLAH is excited to announce its return with the 8th edition (BLAH8). In recognition of the era of Large Language Models (LLMs), BLAH8 will center around a special theme: "Biomedical Annotations in the Age of LLMs." This theme represents a contemporary focus for the community and signals a commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the biomedical field. Through BLAH8, we aspire to explore the potential synergy between LLMs and literature annotations, diving deep into various facets of biomedical applications.

Call for hackathon projects

We invite submission of project proposals from those who are interested in contributing biomedical literature annotation with their literature annotation resources, and expertise, particularly this year with a connection to LLMs. We invite projects which can be accomplished during the hackathon. The type of contribution may include, but not restricted to

Those who submit project proposals are eligible to apply for travel support.

Please note that only project proposals submitted by the designated deadline (see Important Dates) will be considered as candidate proposals for travel support.


Registered participants will be included in the mailing list of BLAH8, to which important messages for participation will be posted, they also will be invited to the slack workspace of blah8.

Please carefully keep the confirmation mail which you shall received soon after the completion of your registration, as the mail includes a link for editing your registration.

Registration of projects (closed)

If you want to register a project for hackathon,

If you are not yet ready with your project homepage, or you are not sure if you will register a project, you can still make your registration of participation without project registration. Later, when you are ready, you can make your project registration (by editing your registration of participation with your project information). To do so, you have to carefully keep the confirmation mail of registration, which contains a link to edit the registration. A project homepage is supposed to be used to introduce other participants to the project, to facilitate communication among collaborators, and to wrap-up intermediate and final results. All the registered projects will become visible to the registered participants, so that participants can find their interested projects.


Immediately after BLAH8, participants will be invited to submit papers, e. g., report of the hackathon outputs, to either of the two venues:

Important Dates